Wednesday, May 16, 2007

ArtAbilitation conference 2007

ArtAbilitation conference 2007

28.-30. November, Aalborg University Esbjerg, Denmark

The ArtAbilitation Conference will be held for the second time, this year alongside ICAT 2007 (

This conference is an Esbjerg initiative and speculatively fulfils a void in the field where scientific research is presented of the creative practise exploring artistic expressive potentials in applications to improve the quality of life and in supplementing (re)habilitation therapy.

It is the human-centered process involved in creating or playing that is considered the art, not the artefact or product from the interaction.

Many laboratories around the world are actively exploring virtual environments, virtual reality, serious gaming, and other associated applications as a means of exploring the potentials of creative and play processes utilising solutions that apply technology as a training/analysis intervention - however a common denominator is the fun aspect for the participants, both client/patient and facilitator. This fun occurs from tailored activity and is witnessed as motivating engagement for the client whilst alieviating the stress, monotiny and tedium for the facilitator - the intervention data is a measurable for development learning, and continued refinement of systems.

Topics include, for example, the therapeutic practice of digital video games, multimedia environments and interactive music alongside traditional art form "digitized for interaction" such as music, painting, theatre, dance, etc. Research issues spanning age, ability and gender are presented.

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