Tuesday, June 26, 2007

AREOL 26: action research and evaluation on line

A free on line course in action research offered as a public service by the Southern Cross Institute of Action Research at Southern Cross University

Areol 26 begins in late July 2007. Conducted over four months or a little less, its 14 sessions (or thereabouts) will provide you with basic information about one form of action research.

As with earlier programs, the theme of areol 26 is the integration of effective change with rigorous research. In some respects, it is a combination of the principles of community and organisational change with those for change-oriented qualitative research, sometimes with use of quantitative research too.

The program does not attempt to cover all varieties of action research. Nor does it analyse the philosophy of action research in any depth. The main intention is to allow participants to understand some processes which combine action and research, and which can be used in practice.

Later sessions briefly describe an action research approach to evaluation.

The on-line sessions are supplemented by archived files on various aspects of action research and evaluation.

There is no charge (apart from your usual connect charges, if any).
This is provided as a public service by the Southern Cross Institute of Action Research, SCIAR, at Southern Cross university.

You can examine the areol materials on the web. You'll find an index page at

This will give you an idea of the contents and style of the course.
You can also work through these web materials at your own pace, if you wish. This is an alternative to the email version. It doesn't include the discussion group and learning groups of the email version. Also, it isn't revised as often as the email version, which is fine tuned each semester.

You may also wish to check the responses of areol 13 and areol 14 subscribers to the final evaluation. You'll find them, uncensored, at

For more information, click here.

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