Friday, June 29, 2007

Listening to Audio on PCs

Nearly three-quarters of US online adults listen to audio on their home PCs, according to the Consumer Electronics Association's "Computer-Sourced Audio Consumption in the Home" report conducted in April 2007.

Home PC audio quality was satisfactory for 86% of users, but more than a third said it could be better. When forced to choose between audio fidelity and number of files, 47% of home PC audio users chose quality over quantity.

Over three-quarters of home PC audio users listened to music on their PCs an average of nine hours per week.

Although sending PC audio to home audio systems seems like a natural way to improve audio quality, only 9% of home PC audio users currently do so.

The fact that listening to audio on home PCs is so prevalent also means that podcast sponsors need not worry that their audiences will be limited solely to those who own MP3 players.

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