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The Long History of New Media: Contemporary and Future Developments Contextualized - Call for Papers

Call for papers:

The Long History of New Media: Contemporary and Future Developments Contextualized

International Communication Association Communication History Interest Group Pre-conference Workshop Montreal, 21 May 2008

This ICA pre-conference explores the historical dimension of new media with regard to theoretical foundations, methodological approaches, and contemporary developments. The historical dimension of these facets of new media scholarship is all too often inadequately addressed. The purpose of this pre-conference, then, is to bring together scholars with a common interest in exploring the historical contextualization of new media. This purpose is situated within a wider celebration of the 10th anniversary of New Media & Society as a leading journal for scholarly exploration of new forms of mediated communication. This anniversary will culminate in a special issue of the journal drawing from papers submitted to this pre-conference.

We welcome papers on a wide array of historically-grounded themes. The following illustrations of topics suggest - but are not intended to limit - topics suitable for paper submissions:

* Theoretical constructs such as 'interactivity' and 'digital divide' as applied to computer-mediated communication as well as mass media within different historical contexts;

* Contemporary 'promises' of the Internet (e.g., facilitation of political discourse and engagement) compared with the promises of other media (e.g., radio, television) in previous historical periods;

* Ethical considerations in conducting online ethnography as compared to such considerations during early anthropological studies;

* Aspects of Web survey methods (e.g., sampling, instrument design and deployment) compared to social survey research initiatives in the 1940s-50s;

* Comparison of Internet Studies, Cyberinfrastructure, and e-Science developments from an history of science perspective;

* Examination of the purposes of social networking sites (e.g. Friendster, MySpace) for youth as compared to social activities of young people prior to the 'Internet era';

* The Web browser 'wars' compared to the tumultuous introduction of other communication technologies.

* Issues relating to the methodology of the history of new media.

Abstracts of ca. 300 words should be submitted no later than 1 November.
Send abstracts to: David Park, Chair of the ICA Communication History Interest Group, at

Authors will be informed whether abstracts have been accepted by 21 November 2007.
Papers will be due by May 1, 2008.
The program for this pre-conference will take place in the afternoon of Wednesday 21 May 2008, the date established for ICA pre-conferences.
The available time allows for three consecutive blocks of short presentations and roundtable-style discussions.

The pre-conference is a joint initiative by the Communication History Interest Group of the ICA and New Media & Society. The pre-conference will be held at McGill University, which is walking distance from the ICA conference venue.

Organized by
* David W. Park, Chair of ICA Communication History Interest Group,
* Nicholas Jankowski and Steve Jones, co-editors New Media & Society,

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