Thursday, January 17, 2008

APACSD 2008 Call For Papers

APACSD 2008 Call For Papers

The Asian/Pacific American Communication Studies Division (APACSD) invites thematic program proposals and papers focusing on Asian/Pacific American cultural issues and politics, strategies of engagement (both within and across communities), conflicts, challenges, as well as creative solutions. Of special interest is scholarship linking theory and action and proposing new perspectives for such issues as globalization, marginalization, othering, minority cultural politics, discrimination, forced assimilation, representation, and resistance through the lens of communication, as well as a literal, metaphorical, or virtual adaptation of the 2008 convention theme, “unCONVENTIONal.”

APACSD welcomes papers utilizing various methodologies and theoretical perspectives as well as encouraging submissions that seek to promote innovation, creativity, and imagination. Specifically, APACSD and NCA encourage submissions that discuss, plan, and promote collaboration between the academy and members of allied associations. Moreover, we encourage the submission of co-sponsored programs and program proposals with alternative or innovative formats (round table discussions, debates, among

Additionally, please indicate if your submission would be appropriate for the new Scholar-to-Scholar interactive sessions. Our division will review your submission but it may be scheduled during the Scholar-to-Scholar session. For more information about the Scholar-to-Scholar sessions, please read over the Scholar-to-Scholar call for papers.

Please include a title, a 250-500-word abstract, and a maximum of 25 pages of text (not including references, appendixes, and footnotes). Please do not include
information identifying the author(s).

Please include a title, a list of presenters and their affiliations. Themed Paper
Presentation Proposals should also provide the titles and abstracts for each presentation/paper as well as a rationale of no more than 250 words. Roundtable Proposals should include an abstract of no more than 75 words for the convention program and a rationale of no more than 250 words (if the submitters wish to create a separate rationale).

All papers and panel proposals must be submitted online using the All Academic
system using one of the following file formats in order to be accepted: Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, RTF. Compressed or zip files will NOT be accepted.

All submissions must be submitted online using the AllAcademic system, which can be accessed via the NCA website (
The deadline for submission is Wednesday, February 13, 2008.

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