Saturday, January 19, 2008

Australian & New Zealand Communication Association Conference 2008


Call for Papers

Date: 9-11 July 2008

Where: Wellington, New Zealand

Theme: Power and Place

ANZCA (Australian & New Zealand Communication Association) is an inclusive organisation and welcomes a wide variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives on communication, place, and power. See the conference website at inspiration and streams – including streams dedicated to organisational communication, gender communication, and cross-cultural communication.

Who: The ANZCA08 speakers are all leading names in communication and media, and cover the spectrum of approaches to power and place: Maxwell McCombs (famous for his development of agenda setting theory, still one of the most influential theories of media effects); Jennifer Craik (internationally renowned in cultural and media theory, including globally cited work on the cultural power of fashion); Nicky Hager (has changed the face of politics in New Zealand through his investigative journalism work, and continues to hold politicians and public relations operators from all sectors of the political spectrum to account in his best-selling books); Karen Ross (widely published on gender, power, and communication, and is the foundation editor of a new journal,Communication, Culture and Critique, which will launch in March 2008).

Andan opening address on issues of power and placeby Professor Ngatata Love (Professor of Business Development at Victoria University of Wellington). Professor Love has worked extensively on Māori land issues and Waitangi Tribunal cases, and is former Chief Executive of Te Puni Kokiri (Ministry of Māori Development).

ANZCA08… Join us in Wellington for a conference that will inspire, inform, and challenge your thinking. REGISTRATIONS NOW OPEN! See

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