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League of Worlds Conference

Call for Papers League of Worlds Conference

The International Conference on Exploring Virtuality
5th Annual Colloquium on Online Simulations, Role-playing, and Virtual Worlds

October 13-17, 2008

Hong Kong University
Hong Kong, China

Future worlds: Virtual worlds today and tomorrow

Call for Papers

About the League of Worlds
The League of Worlds (LoW) annual colloquium brings together people engaged in the creation of virtual worlds and real-time simulations for educational and training purposes. Our mission is (1) to stimulate and disseminate research and analysis regarding the theoretical, technical, and curricular developments in; and (2) to contribute towards the development of coherent frameworks for the advancement, application and assessment of educational and social uses of role-playing, simulations, and virtual worlds. Our primary areas of interest include:

° Theoretical analysis
° The development of practical applications
° The documentation of framework projects and case studies.

"Future worlds: Virtual worlds today and tomorrow."

Hundreds of virtual worlds exist to serve youth, educational, and corporate markets, yet few offer anything more than a glimpse of how technological innovations such as virtual worlds may lead to new forms, methods, and modes of communication, collaboration, and creation. We are experiencing unprecedented growth in the funding and development of virtual worlds, but toward what purpose?

This year, we will consider the opportunities and challenges the proliferation of virtual worlds offer today, and contemplate what they hold for tomorrow. In many ways, the future of virtual worlds depends on how early adopters decide to use them to advance and to extend their organizational mission. But what factors will influence which platforms and worlds survive and which ones do not?

About the colloquium

The League of Worlds colloquium is not an ordinary conference.
The League of Worlds brings together creators of virtual worlds and real-time simulations for educational, artistic, and creative purposes. Participants share a passionate interest in advancing theory and praxis in creative, educational, and cultural contexts. The League of Worlds is committed to exploring complex, networked social spaces, such as Second Life, Croquet, Metaverse, Fablusi, Active Worlds and other simulation and/or role-playing platforms, as they relate to questions of virtuality vs. reality, identity construction in new media technologies, and other key questions. In particular, we invite research into framework projects and case studies and strongly encourage exploration with pedagogical or other practical applications. Both creative and technical studies are welcome.

Participants are expected to challenge one another to take a fresh look at the questions that arise when people meet in virtual territories to play, to learn, and to share. Participation is purposely limited and there will be no concurrent sessions. Instead, participants will engage in an ongoing dialogue about virtual environments, integrating their own perspectives and expertise into the conversation.

Proposal categories
The League of Worlds colloquium is designed to support sharing and meaningful reflection. Participants should allow one another the opportunity to share experiences, to demonstrate technologies, and to think critically. To facilitate these activities, the colloquium review committee is interested in submissions on the following topics:

° Technologies used to create and manage virtual environments (tools, hardware, software)
° Vision for what virtual environments could be (architecture, metaphors)
° Teaching and Learning in virtual environments:
°° Role playing and simulations
°° Social constructivism
°° Communication and collaboration
°° Serendipitous interactions and learning
° Community formation in virtual environments (interaction, presentation of self, presence)
° Culture (development of, artefacts)
° Administrative/technical support issues in virtual environments
° Change (Advocacy for, dissemination and sharing of research, how change takes place)
° Resources (to create and/or support any of the above themes)
° Research (on virtual env of what you are doing with virtual environments and how it relates to one of the above themes (including description of practice and relevant research)
° Explanation of how this summary can contribute to the dialogue theme planned for the colloquium.

Paper submissions are double blind peer-reviewed. All accepted papers, the colloquium program, and a list of attendees will be published on the colloquium website. Papers should be between 2500-5000 words (4-8 pages).

Important Dates
Contact information for each
° Affiliated institution(s)
° Job title(s)
° Brief description of experience with virtual worlds, simulations, and/or role playing technology
° Submit all proposals in Word, RTF, PDF or HTML format to:
° Dr. Stephen Bronack at bronacksc@appstate.edu

Please refer to the League of Worlds website for information regarding fees, facilities, and accommodations: http://www.leagueofworlds.com

Paper submission - summary and explanation: July 20, 2008
Registration Deadline: September 5, 2008
Final Draft Due: September 5, 2008

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