Monday, June 9, 2008

CFP - Edited Collection on New Directions in Irish Film and Cultural Studies

Theorising the Visual: New Directions in Irish Cultural Studies
Call for Papers

The last twenty years has seen the development of the subject of Irish Film Studies into a distinct and notable field. There are now Film Studies centres in all of the Universities in the Republic of Ireland, highlighting its importance as a discipline at both the graduate and
undergraduate level.

Furthermore, academic publications in the area of Irish film are consistently increasing, signalling Irish cinema studies as a productive critical field and established academic discipline.

To date, the dominant paradigm operating within such academic work has been historical. So as to establish itself as a discipline, Irish Film Studies has focused on configuring a transparent trajectory that firmly locates texts within an historical context. This is to be applauded,
particularly since it has helped in the development of Irish Film Studies as a distinct academic field of study. However, as a consequence, it seems that there has been little investigation of, and engagement with, film theory and philosophy in relation to film, visual culture and media
studies. Given the contemporary climate of post-Celtic Tiger Ireland, where notions of Irish identity are undergoing significant questioning and transformation, it seems this is a timely moment to consider the implications of theoretical approaches to visual culture.

This collection seeks to provide a forum for this engagement: to explore the intersections
of a peculiarly Irish visual culture and critical theory. The editors welcome essays that address conjunctions between Irish film, media and visual culture and theory.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

• Film Theory and Irish Cinema/Media

• Cultural Theory and Irish Cinema/Media

• Photography

• Animation

• Advertising

• Film Genres

• The Institutionalisation of Irish Film Studies

• Gender, Sexuality, Ethnicity, Race

• New Technologies and Visual Culture

• Memory and Visual Culture

Abstracts of 400 words due Friday 11th July 2008.
Queries and submissions should be sent to Dr Emma Radley (University College Dublin) and Dr Claire Bracken (Union College, NY)

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