Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Digital imageries: culture and reception call for papers

*Call for papers: Digital imageries: culture and reception

The deadline for submissions for this double issue is August 1st, 2008

Founded at the Université de Montréal, Kinephanos (www.kinephanos.ca) is a bilingual inter-university web-based journal. Focusing on questions involving cinema and popular media, Kinephanos encourages interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research. The journal's primary
interests are movies and popular TV series, video games, emerging technologies and fan cultures. The preferred approaches include cinema studies, communication theories, religion sciences, philosophy, cultural studies and media studies.

Kinephanos' first issue aims to explore and understand how digital technologies change the communication relations between the object and the subject. As a double issue, "Digital imageries: culture and reception" will also be devoted to the different influences digital
technologies have brought to cinema and other forms of audiovisual expression, such as television, animation and video games. In addition the articles must incorporate ideas pertaining to the spectator's and/or gamer's reception. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

- Remediation of film's aesthetics outside of cinema

- The new cinematographic experience and the challenge of archival

- Case study: critical reception of a digital movie (Speed Racer, Beowulf, 28 Days Later, etc.)

- Popular culture, virtual community and collective intelligence

- The video game trailer : trompe-l'oeil and out-of-bounds

- Who wants digital?

- Japanese animation: web and fansubbing

- Film and digital projection… or fiction!

- Digital legitimation

While Kinephanos privileges publication of thematic issues, we strongly encourage writers to submit articles exceeding the theme which will be published in each issue.

How to submit?
Abstracts of 750 words are to consist of the subject, the problem addressed and the title of the article. Please include bibliographical references, your name, email address and your primary field of study. Send submissions (in French or English) by August 1st, 2008 to:
marc.joly@umontreal.ca or
Following our approbation sent to you by email (2-3 weeks later), please send us your completed article by November 1st, 2008.

Editorial guidelines
Kinephanos is a refereed Web journal. Each article is evaluated by double-blind peer review. Kinephanos does not retain exclusive rights of published texts. However, material submitted must not have been previously published elsewhere. Future versions of the texts published
in other periodicals must reference Kinephanos as its original source. Your text must comply with the following specifications: 6,000 words maximum (excluding references but including end notes) with double spacing, Times New Roman 12-point font, a bibliography with all your
references, end notes must be inserted manually in the text as follow :
« ... » (1), references must be within the text as follow « … » (Jenkins 2000, p. 134), and 5 keywords at the end of the text.

Kinephanos accepts articles in French and in English

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