Thursday, September 25, 2008

Higher Education in Second Life - call for papers


(Information Age Publishing, Charlotte, North Carolina)
Editors, Charles Wankel, St. John's University, New
York; and Jan Kingsley, Kingsley International,

Final date for initial submissions: November 1, 2008
Date of publication: September 2009

There are many virtual worlds currently available or under development, but Second Life (SL) is the one that is best known and most widely used by the educational and academic community. Many educators have adopted SL as the platform of choice for developing educational activities in many disciplines. The concept of the book is be create a forum for sharing by administrators and educators of experiences and assessments of current and projected uses of the platform. Chapter proposals are solicited on that.

Topics might include the implications of VWs for the education industry in general, and the adult education industry in particular? How do companies, universities and colleges use VWs? What are the specific advantages of SL for higher education over other VWs? What are the challenges facing educators in the use of SL? What resources are required to ensure effective use of the platform? What legal issues exist and how should organizations deal with these? What are the ethical guidelines required for educators and their students? How does the use of VWs influence relationships within an educational setting? How can students best be engaged? How will VW technology develop, and what are the implications for educators?

Your chapter proposal ideally should be at approximately 600 words. Additionally, you should include a brief bio for each of the coauthors of your chapter, with an emphasis on related publications and/or presentations.

Please email all submissions to both Charles Wankel and Jan Kingsley

Charles Wankel, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Management
St. John's University, New York


Jan Kingsley, MA MBA
Kingsley International

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