Friday, April 18, 2008

Study: Consumers Happy With Online Banks

Study: Consumers Happy With Online Banks
Banks have been disappointing customers many ways lately with policy, but they're receiving higher marks for at least one thing: their Web sites.


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Adobe Photoshop on the Web

Adobe Photoshop on the Web

Walt Mossberg reviews Adobe Photoshop Express.


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Study Shows Online Video Views Are Soaring

Study Shows Online Video Views Are Soaring

New data shows online views of videos soared 66 percent in February from a year earlier, with TV networks grabbing just a pittance of those eyeballs.


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Microsoft Surface Arrives at AT&T Stores

Microsoft Surface Arrives at AT&T Stores

WSJ's Amol Sharma gets a first look at how AT&T stores are using Microsoft Surface, a new technology that uses a sensitive tabletop interface to provide users with an interactive way of getting information.


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Tech Test: Eye-Fi Wireless USB Card

Tech Test: Eye-Fi Wireless USB Card

A tangle of USB cables for various cameras, MP3 players and other peripherals is a staple of many computer desks. But a new wireless USB card could make those cables unnecessary. AP's Dirk Lammers tests out the the $99 Eye-Fi card.


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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Popular Print Cultures - call for papers

Call for Papers and Presentations
Continuities and Innovations: Popular Print Cultures - Past and Present, Local and Global

University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
27-30 August 2008

Papers and presentations are invited for any aspect of the conference theme. Proposals should be 200 to 300 words in length and clearly state the central theme or argument, the kind of popular print or related media to be considered, and its social and cultural location in time
and place. Please indicate any equipment requirements (data projector; conference computer; overhead projector; video or dvd player; audio player, etc). A brief resumé should accompany each proposal, stating the proposer’s name, address, contact information, and relevant
academic, professional, or personal background and knowledge of form of popular print culture discussed.

Send proposals and resumés by email as pasted-in documents or attachments in an up-to-date format to:

Or mail hard copies to:
Kirsten MacLeod,
Department of English and Film Studies,
University of Alberta,
Canada T6G 2E5.

Questions to either address.
Deadline for proposals is 30 May 2008. But space on the program is limited, and proposals will be considered on a first-come, first-accommodated basis.

This conference and popular arts festival consider what most people read, here and elsewhere, now and in the past. Popular print characteristically includes both words and images, and is intertwined with music and performance. In these forms it has been and continues to be one of the most powerful cultural forces in history, morphing into new media and new technologies, from the phonograph record through radio, film, and television to video games and the internet.

Popular print culture is now a global phenomenon, with striking similarities in what most people read, anywhere. Yet there are also striking local differences, inflections, and variations in what
most people read, here or elsewhere. “

Continuities and Innovations will bring together all those interested in popular print culture--readers and writers, publishers and fans, librarians and collectors, teachers and students, and of course researchers in many academic disciplines.

Proposals are invited from all of these groups, directly addressing the conference theme, or taking up any aspect of Popular Print Cultures, Past and Present, Local and Global.” Topics can include relations between popular print and other media, between popular and high literatures, between words and images, between words and music, between past and present forms, and so on. Presentations may be from writers, readers, publishers, teachers, students, distributors,
sellers, librarians, illustrators, opponents, promoters, adapters to other media, fans, collectors, et al.

Papers and presentations can be on any relevant topic—reading popular print and creating it, writing it and illustrating it, publishing it and selling it, counteracting it or transforming it, adapting it and influencing it, censoring it and living it, and more. Participants may consider popular print and politics, religion, sexuality, class, ethnicity, “race,” nationality,
or any other theme.

Program and other information, including travel and accommodation details, regularly updated, will be available on the conference website:

ACM Conference on Multimedia Information Retrieval

Call for Papers - ACM MIR2008

ACM International Conference on Multimedia Information Retrieval

October 30-31, 2008, Vancouver, Canada colocated with ACM Multimedia

Send questions/requests by email to


- June 20, 2008: Submission of full paper
- July 14, 2008: Notification of acceptance
- July 20, 2008: Camera-ready full paper
- October 30-31, 2008: Conference


- Prof. Thomas S. Huang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


The ACM International Conference on Multimedia Information Retrieval is a premier scientific meeting for discussing the latest advances in the area of multimedia retrieval. All papers in the main track must be high quality original papers which address important issues in multimedia exploration, summarization and retrieval including, but not limited to:

- Exploration of media archives - browsing, experiential computing

- Interfaces for multimedia exploration, visualization, query and retrieval

- Indexing and search of multimedia data: images, video, audio, multi-modal systems

- Digital life experience analysis and retrieval - life logs, digital immortality, life bits

- Video surveillance browsing and retrieval, object detection and recognition, archiving

- Learning and relevance feedback in multimedia retrieval

- Applications - WWW searching, trademarks, scientific and medical media, etc.

Double-blind full papers should be submitted using the paper submission web system at

(preferably 6-8 pages in the ACM Conference style in English).

All papers will be peer-reviewed.


General Chair: Michael Lew (Leiden University)

Program Co-Chairs: Alberto del Bimbo (University of Florence), Erwin
Bakker (Leiden University)

Brave New Topics Chair: Mark Zhang (SUNY Binghamton)

Publicity Chair: Mark Huiskes (Leiden University)

Asian Liaison: Kiyo Aizawa (University of Tokyo)



ACM SIG Multimedia

Getty Images

LIACS Media Lab, Leiden University

Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)
under FOCUS/BRICKS grant number 642.066.603

International Conference on Legal, Security and Privacy Issues in IT Law

The Third International Conference on Legal, Security and Privacy Issues in IT Law (LSPI)

Date: September 3-5, 2008 Place: Prague

The International Association of IT Lawyers (IAITL) and the University Economics Prague invite you to participate in the 3rd Intl. Conference on legal, security and privacy issues in information technology law.

The Conference is an opportunity for academics, practitioners and consultants to come together, exchange ideas, and discuss emerging issues in IT law and the emerging technological environment. We invite contributions focusing on Legal, Security and Privacy Issues of IT, including:

° Jurisdiction in Cyberspace

° E-signatures

° E-forensics and Evidence

° Email monitoring and privacy issues in the workplace

° Data retention & protection

° Cybercrime

° Intellectual Property Rights

° Contract and Tort

° Virtual Companies

° E-commerce law

° Media & entertainment law

° Data mining

° Internet Freedom

° Phishing,virus,malware etc.

° Trustmarks

° Legal risks and protection strategies

° E-government& edemocracy

° Mobile technology

° Robots &Intelligent agents

° Consumer Protection

° Cross-border ADR and Litigation

° Content Regulation and Liability Issues

° Telecommunication law and technology

° Licensing and franchising

° IT Outsourcing

° Taxation of cross-border transactions

° Jurisdictional barriers to regulation and enforcement

° E-trade

° Audio-visual technology

° Broadband technology

° Virtual worlds: regulation and taxation issues

The conference committee is seeking submissions of papers for oral presentations at the conference in two major categories:

° Academic, peer reviewed papers - these papers will be peer reviewed by members of the program committee and other independent reviewers (where necessary) and will be published in the under a non-exclusive copyright agreement in the edited conference proceedings with ISBN. Selected papers will also be published in several leading international law journals. Case studies, abstracts of research in progress, as well as full research papers will be considered for the conference program for presentation purposes. However, only complete papers will be published in the proceedings. Previously published peer-reviewed papers will also be considered, provided the authors (s) are granted license from the publisher and publication information are noted in the article.

° Non-academic papers - these papers will not be peer reviewed. These papers will be selected on merit by the program committee. This category covers corporate papers, best practices, new technologies, policy issues etc.
For complete papers, authors must provide about 150 word abstract and five keywords. There is a maximum page limit of 15 pages (single-spaced, Times Roman”10”). All photos, tables and figures must be in jpg format. Papers must be submitted in the correct template, which may be downloaded from the website.
All information enabling the identification of authors must be removed from submissions undergoing academic peer review. Please send in a separate attachment in a word document, the following information: Title, Affiliation and Author’s Name.

Send submissions by electronic mail in a Word document to: or

For further information, please contact:

Sylvia Kierkegaard ;

Jiri Strouhal +420606887164.


Submission Deadline for Full Research Papers: August 1, 2008
Submission Deadline for Abstract Presentations: August 15, 2008
Notification of Acceptance: August 3, 2008
For papers submitted before the deadline, authors will be notified 7 days after submission
Final Camera-Ready (Proceedings) Version and Registration: August 10, 2008

For further details about the Conference: