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International Conference on Media, Culture and Ideology

Osmania University Centre for International Programs
International Conference on Media, Culture and Ideology

29-31 January, 2009

This conference proposes to deliberate on how media—print and electronic— mediates cultural configurations and influences ideological formations. We invite papers, from across disciplines, that examine in contemporary or historical context the uses made of visual, verbal & written language in sections of the mass media (television & print, primarily) with a particular focus on the relationship between these cultural forms, conventional understandings of the world & social power.

In the last century, from colonial through anti-colonial and post colonial to the contemporary global phase, media has played a significant role in shaping culture and ideology and this phenomenon warrants critical analyses. Besides, media functions in the public sphere, a realm which exists between the State machinery and its formal authority and the private domain which comprises of the civil society and family unit and constantly negotiates the intermediary space between the public and the private and influences both the domains. This crucial function of the Media as the creator and communicator of alternate Culture and Ideology in contemporary societies shall be the main focus of this Conference.

This conference will also focus in particular on how film, and later television in India and elsewhere, have had a massive impact in creating and circulating images of the nation and of a "national culture'. Both film and television have sought to define, forge and popularise images of a coherent, cohesive and organic national community. Conversely the media have also offered alternative, dissenting and even oppositional visions of the nation and of a national culture, questioning 'Establishment' values, or responding sympathetically to the socially disadvantaged and disenfranchised. A part of the task of this conference is to explore these issues of ideology and representation.

Some of the issues that this conference wishes to address include:

1. Representations of nation and nationness in media including counter discourses of nation

2. Revisionist /Alternate Histrography : Portrayal of historical incidents of the past from new and different perspectives.

3. Caste/ Class/ Gender issues in media representation

4. Media and Globalization

5. Representation of Violence and Terrorism

6. Media and ideology

7. Other Related Issues

Proposals for either (a) individual papers or (b) preconstituted panels should include the following: (1) a title, (2) an abstract NOT TO EXCEED 300 WORDS, and (3) a brief one-paragraph biographical statement about the presenter, including academic affiliation and email address. Proposals may be sent by email to before 20th November, 2008.
Conference Director: C.Vijayasree, Director, OUCIP, Osmania University, Hyderabad

9th Annual Craft Critique Culture Conference

9th Annual Craft Critique Culture Conference
April 3-5, 2009

Love, Loss and Empire
University of Iowa

CRAFT CRITIQUE CULTURE is an interdisciplinary conference focusing on the intersections among critical and creative approaches to writing both within and beyond the academy. This year's conference will examine the imbrication of affect and empire and will explore the ways in which affect blurs the lines between presence, absence, past, present, future, coloniality, postcoloniality and other liminal or ephemeral textual and identity positions within the increasingly globalized experience of our present moment.

How can emotional states foster critical theory, whether it be social-scientific, cultural, literary, technological, popular, communication, queer, postcolonial, new media, transnational, diasporic, neo-Marxist, feminist or other modes of theory? How does theory further our sense of liberation, affiliation and identity?

We invite the submission of critical, theoretical and original creative work in a variety of media and across the humanities, sciences and legal disciplines. In the past, submissions have included not only traditional scholarly papers but also film, video, music, writing, visual art and artists' books.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
Intimacy War & Terror Mourning,
Wound Culture,
Commemoration Hauntology,
Colonial History,
Biopolitics & Necropolitics,
Control Societies,
Network Culture,
End of . . . Empire,
History Resistance,
Affect and Affective Histories,
Bodily Genres,
Melodrama & Romance,
Queer Places,
Spaces and Geographies,
Filiacs—Reception Cultural Practices

Please submit paper abstracts of no more than 350 words — creative presentations also accepted.

Full panels (featuring three papers) may also be proposed. Each panel proposal should consist of three paper abstracts and a brief explanation of the panel's purpose and relevance to the conference. Each panel submission not to total more than 1,000 words.

Please include name, institutional affiliation (if applicable), street address, telephone number, and email address on all abstracts and proposals.

Please submit all paper abstracts or panel proposals to Nilo Couret at
E210 Adler Journalism Building, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
52242 or by email at

Submission deadline is January 23, 2009. Visit the website at for more information and scheduling updates. 1st 2008/9 International Call for Submissions

* 1st International Call for Submissions - Solo Shows on is inviting submissions from artists who wish to be considered for two week solo exhibitions on*

In 2009 will be hosting an ambitious series of solo shows from established and emerging artists working with the moving image. We would like to allocate 3 of these shows to artists who respond to a series of three open calls for entries. You must have a body of work consisting of at least 10 moving image pieces that are ready for exhibition and which run no longer than ten minutes (although we are happy to consider excerpts from longer pieces). We will consider all forms of moving image work and welcome submissions from artists working at any stage of their careers, of all nationalities.

The first selected artist will have a two week online show early in 2009 and be part of our external events programme which will be toured to galleries and institutions internationally.

Deadline: 10th December 2008.

Please submit examples of work (accompanied by a submission form, downloadable from as Quicktime files or on mini DV to:
2nd Floor Princess House
50 - 60 Eastcastle Street

If you have any questions about this opportunity then please get in touch with Alice O'Reilly,