Thursday, May 14, 2009

Workshop with Viktor Antonov, art director of Half Life 2

Face to face with Viktor Antonov, Art director of Half Life 2 And on collaborative post production for special effects

Supported by the MEDIA Training Programme of the European Commission.

An exceptional opportunity to meet with international and world known experts!

CIANT_International Centre for Art and New Technologies in collaboration with FAMU presents:

Distributed post production techniques in the field of visual and special effects
Prague and Telč (registered on UNESCO list), Czech Republic
June 17-20, 2009 during the Arts and Film Festival

with Viktor Antonov and be some of the first people to see images of his upcoming movie "The Prodigies", that is yet to be made public!!

Learn of the newest distribution and post production techniques at Barrandov Studios one of the largest and oldest film studios in Europe.

Experiment in *motion capture animation* with collaborative post production techniques during a hands on workshop with leading designers!

Limited number of participants: *18*

Deadline to apply: *May 17th*

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Viktor Antonov (USA/FR/BG): Art director of Half Life 2/designer for Renaissance

He has over ten years experience in the entertainment industry, including the art direction of the blockbuster Half Life 2; and the creation of the game's universe -- city 17. He was a designer for the sci-fi thriller Renaissance, and did matte painting for the series 'Skyland'. He won a BAFTA award for best art direction, a best visual design, numerous best graphics awards and 33 game of the year honours.

How to collaboratively post-produce and distribute digital content?

More often than not, international collaboration is required for the production of audiovisual works. In the world of film the exchange of hardware and the relocation of people is common place. Today distributed post-production processes and working online from remote locations on shared audiovisual content is about to become the norm and is affecting the working methods of post production. The newest techniques of distribution of digital and audiovisual content are now used for multimillion dollar special effects in the studios as well as for some cutting edge audiovisual experiments. These new techniques are enabling new forms of networked audiovisual works to emerge and is changing the way artists work cooperate.

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