Monday, November 19, 2012

Graduate Programs in English and Cultural Studies at McMaster

The Department of English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University  (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) is now accepting applications for its PhD  and MA programs. The due date for applications is January 15, 2013, and  details are available here:    McMaster has long been considered one of Canada’s best places for  graduate work in English. As a mid-sized department, taking in about 25  MA and 10 new PhD candidates every year, we offer an alternative to  huge departments where graduate students may receive little individual  contact or exchange. At the same time, we are large enough to cover a  range of fields, from Early Modern and Eighteenth-Century to  Contemporary, and including approaches like postcolonialism and  diaspora, poststructuralism, cultural theory, popular culture,  Indigenous studies, ecocriticism, feminism and gender studies, to name  just a few. Current course offerings include, for example: Visionary  Women; Romanticism, War, and Peace; Indigenous Literature of North  America; Speaking Pictures: Emblems, Metaphor, and Language in Early  Modern Writing; White Civility: The Literary Project of English Canada;  Oh Behave! Postwar Sexualities; and Science Fiction: Mindworlds and the  Boundaries of the Human.    Building on McMaster's strengths in theory and the analysis of  contemporary culture, we offer an interdisciplinary MA in Cultural  Studies and Critical Theory (CSCT), housed in the English and Cultural  Studies department, but drawing on faculty from Theatre and Film,  Communication Studies, Multimedia, Anthropology, and Religious Studies.  CSCT MA students take a core course in Critical Cultural Theory  alongside innovative topic courses such as Celebrity/Culture; The  Secret Life of Things; The New Constellation of Race; The Cultures of  Modernism; The Archive and Everyday Life; The Times We Live In; and  Gender, Violence, and Visual Culture. CSCT students also complete a  Major Research Project of their own design.    All of our full-time graduate students receive funding (including the  opportunity to work as a Teaching Assistant), and PhD students have the  further option of completing a diploma in Gender Studies and Feminist  Research:    We warmly encourage prospective MA and PhD students to contact us. We  are glad to talk with you about our programs, our lively, stimulating  graduate community, and the vibrant, affordable, and green city that is  Hamilton.    Dr. Susie O'Brien, Director, CSCT MA Program:  Dr. Mary Silcox, Chair of Graduate Studies:  Admission Inquiries (Graduate Secretary):  (905-525-9140, ext 24732)    Facebook:  Twitter: @MacECS

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