Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Call for Papers: Nursing Science Quarterly

Call for Papers: Nursing Science Quarterly

Nursing Science Quarterly (NSQ) is a peer-reviewed, quarterly publication for nurse researchers, educators, practitioners, and graduate students in nursing science, philosophy, or research. The journal publishes original manuscripts focusing on nursing theory development, nursing theory-guided practice, quantitative and qualitative research, and practice. NSQ features original articles focusing on theoretical concerns, practice applications, teaching—learning processes, research issues, ethical issues, scholarly dialogue, international perspectives, and book reviews and new media. The journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

The editor invites healthcare specialists concerned with any of these areas to submit material on topics including, but not

limited, to:

• Nursing as a Human Science

• Nursing Theory–Guided Practice

• Nursing Theory–Guided Qualitative and Quantitative Research

• Conceptual Models

• Critical Thinking

• Nursing Theory and Presence with the Dying

• Nursing Theory and Quality of Life

• Nursing Theory and Quality of Nurses’ Work-Life

• Nursing Theory and End of Life Issues

• Nursing Theory and Patient Safety

• Nursing Theory and Public Policy

• Ethical Dilemmas

• Teaching-Learning Related to Nursing Frameworks and Theories

• Nursing Theory and Family Healthcare

• Middle-Range Theories Connected to Grand Theories

• Nursing Theory and Public Health

• Nursing Theory and Simulation in Nursing Education

• Nursing Theory and Views of Suffering

• Nursing Theory and Leadership

• Social Media and Nursing Theory


Rosemarie Rizzo Parse, RN, PhD, FAAN

Loyola University Chicago

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