Thursday, October 18, 2012

Digital democracy: how ICT tools can change the relationship between citizens and governments

EuroPCom (the European Conference on Public Communication), Brussels, 18 October 2012


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Call for Papers: ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing

Call for Papers: ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing

ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing (TACCESS) is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal that publishes refereed articles addressing issues of computing that seek to address barriers to access, either creating new solutions or providing for the more inclusive design of technology to provide access for individuals with diverse abilities. The journal provides a technical forum for disseminating innovative research that covers either applications of computing and information technologies to provide assistive systems or inclusive technologies for individuals with disabilities. It promotes discussion and information exchange between researchers, clinicians, and educators –including rehabilitation personnel who administer assistive technologies – and policy makers concerned with equitable access to information technologies.

Subject Areas

Emphasis is placed on submissions with experimental results, but strong papers presenting new theoretical insights or positions will also be given consideration. Topics should focus on (but are not necessarily limited to) the design, development, evaluation, and scientific investigation of technologies to support individuals with disabilities.


Issues of assistive technologies and inclusive design in relation to the needs of older adults as well as people with disabilities related to one or more of the following capabilities:

• Vision, hearing, or other senses

• Motor skills

• Memory, learning, or cognition

• Speech, language, or reading


• User evaluation, experience, and studies

• System papers for assistive devices and technologies

• Social issues

• Web / interface accessibility

• Access to technology

• Access to the real and built environment (pervasive and ubiquitous systems)

• Multi-modal interaction

• Universal design

Submit your manuscript at

You can still register for the Transatlantic Health IT/eHealth Co-operation Assembly #eHealthUSEU

The Transatlantic Assembly is co-located and co-organized by the DHHS and EC. This assembly will offer substantial opportunities to discuss the EU-US Roadmap of activities to advance the HHS-EC MOU goals. Activities within this event are listed in the main “Marketplace” programme, to help participants plan and prioritize their schedules.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation - Follow the webstream

IRI is hosting an information day on the « Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation » (CAPS) initiative, which will be launched under objective 5.5 within call 10 of the ICT workprogramme 2013 (deadline for proposal submission: 15/1/2013). In the wake of the crisis there is now the chance to harness the Internet for solving large-scale problems in Europe by harnessing social innovation. Hosted by l’Institut de recherche et d’innovation, will feature a number of speakers such as Bernard Stiegler (IRI) on how public markets can help Europe create a revolutionary programme of knowledge studies, and Philippe Aigrain (La Quadrature du Net) on the ACTA mobilization and the future of copyright in Europe. The European Commission is funding up to 15 million euros for collective awareness platforms, and a representative from the Commission will be on hand to explain the programme and listen to pitches for future work. The information day is open to anyone free of charge upon registration. You can also follow a webstream of the event.