Friday, June 14, 2013

Trustev wins Tech All Stars Awards 2013, the EU's top startup competition

European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes has named Trustev the winner of "Tech All Stars", an EU-wide search to find Europe's best young startup company at a ceremony at Founders Forum in London. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Cork, Ireland, Trustev offers real time, online verification using social fingerprinting technology.


Start in Europe, Stay in Europe: a single market for Europe's web entrepreneurs

My vision for more successful web entrepreneurs in Europe is relatively simple. It is about building a more favourable eco-system and to nurture talent. Entrepreneurs are my heroes, so to say. My vision is also about the benefits of Europe: providing lots of creativity, diversity and innovation, but also large scale thanks to links and bridges across borders. It is about openness, about joining and sharing.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Call for Submissions: Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet (JCHI), Health Sitings Column

Call for Submissions: Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet (JCHI), Health Sitings Column

Submissions are now being accepted on an ongoing basis for the Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet (JCHI)’s newly combined column, Health Sitings.

The Health Sitings column is a merge between the two previously published columns, Health Sitings and Global Health Sitings. The column will showcase reviews of reliable, accurate and quality health information websites produced either in the US or internationally.

Any information professionals interested in submitting a review should contact Saori Wendy Herman, MLIS, AHIP at saori.w.yoshioka at gmail dot com. In the subject line, please enter “JCHI Health Sitings”.

eCall: automated emergency call for road accidents mandatory in cars from 2015

The European Commission adopted two proposals to ensure that, by October 2015, cars will automatically call emergency services in case of a serious crash. The "eCall" system automatically dials 112 - Europe's single emergency number - in the event of a serious accident.


European Commission gives €77 million boost to high-tech manufacturing sector SMEs

The "I4MS" initiative (ICT for Manufacturing SMEs) will help 200 SMEs across Europe, who are either attempting to reduce the risks involved in using advanced technology which is still in its infancy, or are trying to cross the so-called "valley of death" that separates the development of an innovative prototype from a successful product in the market.


eHealth at Cyber18 Conference: Where healthcare and technology connect

From 30 June until 2 July 2013, the 18th Annual CyberPsychology & CyberTherapy Conference will take place. Topics include: electronic health coaching, using virtual reality in treatments (for example after hand surgery), the new EU research program Horizon 2020, virtual body swapping and advanced technologies in the assessment and evaluation of psychological stress.


EU Scoreboard: Annual digital progress rankings

Europeans have basic digital networks and services, but are missing out on the main current and future benefits of the digital revolution, because of problems in Europe's telecoms and wider digital markets, according to the Commission's annual Digital Agenda Scoreboard published today.


eCall Impact Assessment

The eCall Impact Assessment was made in 2010/11 to answer the question of which policy option to follow for the implementation of eCall. The assessment clearly showed that the mandatory introduction of eCall was the only way to bring eCall's benefits to the citizens.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

HeERO (Harmonised eCall European Pilot Project)

HeERO is an international pilot project preparing the general roll-out of the EU-wide seamless eCall service. In running national and cross-border pilot projects, HeERO will prove that eCall is operational and ready for becoming a reality for all European citizens. HeERO's consortium includes 8 EU Member States (Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania and Sweden) and Croatia. In cooperation with Croatia, Finland and Romania, the Russian Federation will demonstrate in cross-border trials that eCall and its ERA-GLONASS emergency call service can interplay without any friction. HeERO started on 1 January 2011 and will end on 31 December 2013. The European Union will provide 5 million Euro to the project's overall budget of 10 million Euro.


eCall - Public consultation - 19/07 to 19/09/2010

Read the results of the eCall public consultation (dated 2010).


eCall Communications from the European Commission

Read the four EC Communications about eCall.


Europe's top tech executives and Commission affirm commitment to collaborate, not compete to improve the internet for kids

CEOs and senior board members from the world's digital, media and tech companies have met in Brussels to report directly to Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes on how they are making the internet a better, and safer, place for kids, through the work of the CEO Coalition set up by the Vice-President at the end of 2011.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

eCall Commission Recommendation of 8 September 2011

Commission Recommendation of 8 September 2011 on support for an EU-wide eCall service in electronic communication networks for the transmission of in-vehicle emergency calls based on 112 (eCalls)

Read the eCall Recommendation in any of the official languages.

The EC adopted a Recommendation addressing the EU Member States and asking them to call on the mobile network operators to set up their networks in a way that they correctly transmit automatic 112 emergency calls generated by cars (eCalls). The adoption of this Recommendation is the first step of a tripartite legislative process. Later on, legislative initiatives on the eCall device to be fitted into the cars and on the technical specifications of the emergency call centres will follow.


Digital Agenda Assembly 2013 - Join the online debate!

The Digital Agenda Assembly 2013 ("DAA 2013") will take place next week (19 and 20 June) in Dublin. Not everyone will be able to attend, since places are limited, but everyone can join in the new online community where we are holding a dialogue to feed the DAA 2013. There are seven discussion groups, corresponding to the seven workshops that will be held at DAA 2013. The results of the online debate will be regularly reported on. The discussion of last year helped to shape the Review of the Digital Agenda for Europe. Do not miss this opportunity to contribute!


Eurapp Workshop: Shape the Future App Economy of Europe

The rapid rise and accessibility of smartphones and social media platforms, and the multitude of apps running on them, is considered as one of the biggest economical and technological phenomena over the past five years. Europe has become a strong player in the global app economy, with companies like Rovio, SoundCloud and SwiftKey leading the way. A forthcoming workshop in Brussels, “Eurapp: Shape the Future App Economy of Europe”, will bring together stakeholders and experts to brainstorm how the ecosystem of companies, platform providers and other stakeholders in the European app economy can grow in the future, and how companies can be guided towards future success in the app “aftermarket”.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Robotic surgery made safer

Surgeons-to-be no longer have to practice on cadavers but can use "organ phantoms" instead. They may also practice with "virtual surgical simulators" and operating room monitoring systems. Those and other methods for improving patient safety in robotic surgery are the results of the large scale EU funded SAFROS project.


How to unlock the potential of ICT and web entrepreneurs for boosting the digital economy, creating growth and jobs

This is one of the debates being discussed in Digital Agenda Assembly next 19th and 20th June in Dublin.