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Call for Papers for Cutter IT Journal: How IT Can Transform Healthcare

Call for Papers for Cutter IT Journal: How IT Can Transform Healthcare

Transforming healthcare is a key priority for public and private healthcare providers and governments. But the healthcare industry is facing major challenges in delivering quality healthcare services at affordable costs. How can IT transform healthcare? There has been progress in applying IT in healthcare in areas such as telemedicine, mobile health, electronic medical records (EMR) and healthcare portals. There is greater potential, however, particularly considering ongoing advances in RFID, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile devices and wireless communications, social media, nanotechnology, robotics, data analytics, context-aware systems and smart applications.

Healthcare IT is both promising and challenging to IT professionals, managers and executives. Only through the prudent design, development and implementation of healthcare IT initiatives that are aligned with healthcare procedures, practices and objectives will bring about the transformation needed for superior healthcare delivery. And there is growing concern among stakeholders over the risks of increasing reliance on IT for healthcare, including resilience, security, privacy, and availability.

In an upcoming issue of Cutter IT Journal, we’ll explore the potential of healthcare IT and examine how we can address the issues and challenges that IT and the healthcare industry face in realizing the promise of IT. We are also interested in learning how the strategies and lessons learned by healthcare IT professionals could be applied by IT professionals in other industries.


We seek your perspectives and insights on healthcare IT, as feature articles, case studies, best practices and opinion pieces that address particularly the following and other related questions:

* What is the promise of emerging technologies in healthcare such as clinical decision support, visual diagnosis, RFID, IoT, biometrics, body sensors and actuators, social Media, 3D printing, context aware systems and applications, and personalized medicine?

* How is mobile technology changing healthcare? What is its impact on healthcare from the provider and community perspective?

* How can IT help reduce medical errors and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery?

* How might ePrescription and EMR evolve in the near future?

* How can IT help improve safety and quality of care for patients? What are the ongoing advances in assistive technologies and systems?

* How can the strategies/lessons learned by IT professionals in the healthcare industry be applied by IT professionals in other industries?

* What are the special requirements of ‘healthcare clouds’ and how can clouds be better utilized for healthcare?

* How can data analytics – descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics – be exploited for better healthcare?

* How can IT help in integrating and coordinating fragmented and relatively uncoordinated healthcare services? How can we address the underlying issues in realizing coordinated healthcare delivery?

* What are the issues in sharing healthcare data, and how can we address them? Are there any data standards that we can embrace?

* What are the best ways to analyze large volumes of patient data to track trends, identify best practices, and determine the best treatments?

* What are the major challenges and barriers facing IT professionals and healthcare IT departments in embracing IT to advance healthcare?

* What role can a Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) play?

* What is your business case for transforming healthcare using IT?

* Is there any framework for formulating a healthcare IT strategy for small, medium and large healthcare establishments?

* What are the trust, security and privacy issues in healthcare IT applications, and how can they be addressed?

* How can IT, social media and mobile devices be used to empower patients and create healthcare awareness among the public? What is the potential of crowd sourcing in healthcare?

* How do developing countries embrace mobile devices and IT in innovative ways to meet their unique needs within the constraints they face?

* What have we learned from the failures — and deployment — of “”? How can we do it better?

* What can IT professionals and executives in healthcare IT learn from the success of IT-enabled transformation in banking, commerce, travel/tourism, and government services sectors?

SEND US YOUR ARTICLE IDEA by 14 February 2014.

Please send your article proposal to the Guest Editor San Murugesan at smurugesan[at]cutter[dot]com, with a copy to Christine Generali at cgenerali[at]cutter[dot]com no later than 14 February and include an extended abstract (300-500 words) highlighting the scope and key contributions of the article, a short article outline showing major discussion points, and a brief bio of the author(s).

Accepted articles are due by 21 March 2014.

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