Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Smart Health at Smart City Event

The "Smart City Event" in Amsterdam will bring together stakeholders from all over the world concerning the development of smarter cities towards a smarter future.


Momentum workshop: The secrets of telehealth - how to deploy services in routine care

This session held at the eHealth Forum is the first opportunity to access the first results of the EU-funded Momentum project. It will list the success factors which are critical for deploying telemedicine in routine care on a large scale.


Blog post by Dutch healthcare inspector: "Do you use mHealth products safely?"

"mHealth has great potential but it introduces risks as well", says inspector Stefan Visscher of the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate, the competent authority of the Netherlands for medical devices. Read his blog post about European legislation for medical devices.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Call for Papers: Re-Imagining Commonly Used Mobile Interfaces for Older Adults

Call for Papers: Re-Imagining Commonly Used Mobile Interfaces for Older Adults

MobileHCI 2014 Workshop

September 23, 2014 Toronto, Canada

Many countries have an increasingly ageing population. In recent years, mobile technologies have had a massive impact on social and working life. As the older adult population rises, many people will want to continue professional, social and lifestyle usage of mobiles into their 70s and beyond. Mobiles support community involvement and personal independence, but the ageing process can interfere considerably with their usage, e.g. through changes in vision, attention, and motor control. This workshop will bring together researchers who are re-imagining the mobile interfaces so that they are more suited for use by older adults.

Position papers are sought related topics including, but not limited to:

Multimodal interaction with older adults

Mobile input and visual interaction with older adults

Older adults and ubiquitous computing

Participatory design process for older adults

Mobile interface evaluation with older adults

Novel physical interaction for older adults

The effect and implications for mobile design of the ageing process

Interdisciplinary perspectives on mobile design for older adults

Position papers should be 4 pages in CHI extended abstract format. Accepted papers will be presented as posters or short talks, with plenty of time for discussion and demos. Authors will be invited to extend for a special issue of the International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction.

Abstract Submission Deadline: May 30th 2014

Notification of Acceptance: 18th July 2014

Workshop: 23rd September 2014

Submissions should be made to:

Questions or queries may be sent to:

Join the database of independent experts for European Research and Innovation

The European Commission appoints independent experts to assist with research and innovation assignments: the evaluation of proposals, monitoring of projects, and evaluation of programmes, and design of policy. Interested? Register now as an expert.


Chewing sensor development

The Swiss Center for Electronics & Microtechnology CSEM, one of the partners of the SPLENDID project (part of the Seventh Framework Program), is developing chewing sensors in the fight against obesity.


5 EU hospitals plan to use central telemonitoring for better care of live-threatened patients

Through the EU-funded THALEA project, five hospitals from Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and Finland have joined forces to get one central, highly interoperable telemedicine and telemonitoring 'cockpit' for their intensive care units. This will improve the care of acutely live-threatened patients.


Monday, April 28, 2014

€3.5m to improve diagnosis of balance disorders

General Practitioners and other doctors will be equipped with a new, online information system to help diagnose and treat a range of balance disorders, thanks to €3.5m European Union funding for EMBalance. This three-year project involves researchers from ten different partners, spread across seven European countries.


NoTremor project to predict Parkinson's progression

European researchers have been awarded over €2.9 Million to create new tools to predict how Parkinson's disease develops. This would revolutionise treatment and care for people living with the condition.


Integrated care innovation in the making - visit to Friuli Venezia Giulia, pilot region in the SmartCare project

The EU-funded SmartCare project aims to define a common set of standard functional specifications for an open ICT platform enabling the delivery of integrated care to older European citizens. A total of 24 regions and their key stakeholders will define a comprehensive set of integration building blocks around the challenges of data-sharing, coordination and communication. Ten regions, among them Friuli Venezia Giulia in Italy, will then pilot integrated health & social services to combat a range of threats to independent living commonly faced by older people while the other will prepare for early adoption.


Interview with Christopher R Wilkinson of the DALI project

DALI is an EU funded project that is developing a device, the 'c-Walker', to help older people to maintain their out-of-home mobility. In this interview Dr Wilkinson discusses investigating shared space interaction to steer the design of an intelligent mobility aid for older people