Thursday, May 8, 2014

GiraffPlus project event in Portugal

The purpose of the event is to present the project intermediate results and to know more about the future of home care support, turned into a reality today. Through the GiraffPlus project it is possible for the senior citizens and the chronically ill to receive all the support they need from the formal and informal caregivers, without having to leave the comfort of their home, in real time and from a distance. The presentation of this innovative system, including a demonstration of some of its features, takes place on May 26th, at 5.30 pm, in Unidade Pedagógica Central, Sala do Conselho, at Pólo II of the University of Coimbra (Coimbra, Portugal).


Towards support systems for independent living: technology and user perspectives

A workshop aiming to provide a discussion framework towards enhanced Activites of Daily Living support for older adults with mild to moderate cognitive impairments, physical impairments (in particular COPD) and healthy individuals.


Scalable Energy Management Infrastructure for Aggregation of Households (SEMIAH) FP7 EU Research project has recently been launched

The project has been granted € 3,763,688 from the European Union, and aims to lower electricity bills, as well as reductions in carbon dioxide emissions and fuel costs. For more information please see the press release


Energy Efficiency Building - 2 publications from Data Models Community ICT for Sustainable Places Workshops held in Nice, France, 9th-11th September, 2013


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Opening Up a Universe of Employment Possibilities

Nearly a quarter of Europe’s adults under 25 are not in education, employment or training. These so-called NEETs are struggling to get on the first step of the employment ladder in this harsh economic climate. Young adults say that they need more confidence to get through job interviews but, with opportunities so scarce, they often go into interviews feeling nervous and underprepared. Now an EU-funded research project that uses virtual reality is helping to change that.


How Europe makes you happy

Nonna Lea is an outspoken lady of 94 years from Rome. She lives together with Mister Robin. Today the European Council decided to continue the Ambient Assisted Living programme for another seven years. These two facts of life seem totally unrelated, yet are very closely connected. This is what Paul Timmers, Director for Sustainable & Secure Society at DG CONNECT, explains in his latest blog post.


Commission welcomes EU Member States' approval of multi-billion euro innovation partnerships

The European Commission has welcomed today's final adoption by EU Member States of nine public-private and public-public research partnerships worth up to €20 billion. The partnerships had already been approved by the European Parliament on 15 April. Most of the investment will go to five public-private partnerships in innovative medicines, aeronautics, bio-based industries, fuel cells and hydrogen and electronics. The decision paves the way to launch these partnerships, with first calls for projects expected on 9th July. EU Member States are expected to formally adopt related partnerships on rail transport and air traffic management (Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research) worth an additional €2 billion in the coming weeks.


European Conference on Human Centered Design for Intelligent Transport Systems

Innovative ICT functions are being developed, aiming to support cleaner and safer multimodal mobility. However, all these developments raise numerous issues in terms of their acceptability and usability by a diverse population, and their effects and impact on user behaviour and attitudes.


€700 million to meet European ageing population’s needs

The Council of the European Union today adopted a €22 billion Innovation Investment Package. It includes the renewed Active Assisted Joint Programme (AAL JP2).


Mobile by default? Leveraging Mobile Technology to Extend eGovernment’s Reach and Scope

The European Commission (DG CONNECT) and organise the workshop to discuss how mGovernment can further be promoted and how European public administrations can reap its benefits with the view to minimise cost and deliver better and more efficient services to their citizens. Important Dates: * Submission of summaries/ presentations: 14 May 2014 * Speaker confirmation: 16 May 2014 * Submission of final presentations: 20 May 2014


Robot caregivers help the elderly

Our ageing population is changing our society's dynamics and our economy. By 2050 there will only be two (instead of 4) Europeans of working age for each person over 65, and within a decade Europe will need to care for an estimated 84 million people with age-related health problems.


Monday, May 5, 2014

Call for Abstracts: Together: A Food Safe America, the 2014 Consumer Food Safety Education Conference

Call for Abstracts: Together: A Food Safe America, the 2014 Consumer Food Safety Education Conference

December 4-5, 2014 Arlington, Virginia

Abstract submission deadline: June 10, 2014

Together: A Food Safe America, the 2014 Consumer Food Safety Education Conference on December 4-5, 2014 in Arlington, VA, will bring together food safety educators from all sectors and all levels to share strategies and tactics that promote more effective consumer food safety behaviors. The Conference Planning Committee invites you to apply to be a breakout or panel session presenter (75-minute sessions) or a poster presenter at the conference.

The conference will focus on four primary themes:

• Motivating Behavior Change

• Assessing Food Safety Education Programs

• Food Safety Education and Social Media

• Real World - Real Change: Reaching Your Target Audiences

Abstracts will be accepted on all of these themes, as well as on other topics that directly address the Food Safety Education goals of Healthy People 2020.

Don’t miss this chance to share your expertise and inspire an audience of nearly 500 educators and researchers to make changes that benefit the health of consumers.

Info Day-Safer Internet - Call for proposals 2014

A unique opportunity for any organisation interested in submitting a proposal, independently or as part of a consortium, under the Safer Internet generic services call for proposals. The Info Day will be aimed at explaining new features and conditions for participation under CEF.


Robin the robot helps take care of 94 year old Italian Grandma Lea

At 94, Grandma Lea could not live alone anymore but wanted to stay at home. In our ageing society, many elderly people are in the same situation. Robotics offers a safe and affordable solution.