Friday, June 13, 2014

New Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI) Pilot project launched

STOPandGO (Sustainable Technologies for Older People – Get Organised) is a Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI) Pilot project funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Call for Manuscripts for a Special Issue of Health Psychology: eHealth and mHealth: Methodology, Assessment, Treatment, and Dissemination Studies

Call for Manuscripts for a Special Issue of Health Psychology: eHealth and mHealth: Methodology, Assessment, Treatment, and Dissemination Studies

The near ubiquity of the Internet and mobile phones, including the widespread use of apps and social media across all age and ethnic groups, presents an unprecedented opportunity to assess and treat health behaviors throughout large segments of the population. There is a substantial proliferation, however, of technology interventions that are not evidenced based. In recognition of the rapidly evolving areas of the assessment and treatment of health behaviors using technology, and the increasing need for evidenced based treatments that can be integrated into people’s everyday lives, Health Psychology is calling for manuscripts that focus on methods, assessment and outcome studies in the domains of eHealth and mHealth.

“eHealth” generally refers to the use of information technology, such as the Internet, digital gaming, virtual reality, and robotics, in the promotion, prevention, treatment, and maintenance of health care. ‘mHealth’ refers to mobile and wireless applications including text messaging, apps, wearable devices, remote sensing, and the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The benefits of eHealth and mHealth interventions include availability and accessibility (use anywhere, anytime), cost-effective delivery, scalability, utilization of personalization and tailoring, provisioning of real-time strategies to users in their everyday settings, and ability to calibrate intervention intensity to user’s needs.

Submissions to this call should emphasize health behaviors and health psychology. Studies employing a variety of methodologies including epidemiological approaches, population and community-cohort designs, controlled trials, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses will be considered. Empirical papers are preferred although theoretical and review papers will also be considered if they make a unique contribution to the area. Potential topics of interest include, but are not limited to: (1) feasibility, efficacy, and effectiveness studies of eHealth and mHealth interventions; (2) evaluation of technologies, particularly as it relates to user adherence, behavior change, and symptom improvement; (3) use of information and communication technology within the areas of assessment and measurement; and (4) theory and models within eHealth and mHealth research.

We encourage manuscripts from junior investigators, investigators from underrepresented groups, and from senior, established researchers and working groups. Editors for the special issue will be Belinda Borrelli, PhD ( and Lee Ritterband, PhD ( The deadline for submitting complete manuscripts is January 15, 2015. Publication of the special issue will be slated for the Fall of 2015.

Papers must be prepared in full accord with the Health Psychology Instructions to Authors and submitted through the Journal portal. Both brief reports and full length manuscripts will be considered. All submissions will be peer reviewed. Some papers not included in this issue may be accepted for publication in Health Psychology as regular articles. Please indicate in the cover letter accompanying your manuscript that you would like to have the paper considered for the Special Issue on mHealth and eHealth.

Call for independent experts

If you are interested in becoming an independent expert to assist the Commission in the evaluation of proposals, project reviews and other implementation activities related to Safer Internet under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) from 2014 and onwards, you need to register in the Participant Portal, as the old Safer Internet expert database will no longer be valid for this purpose.


Breakfast Briefing: Ageing well through ICT

The Assembly of European Regions is organising a breakfast briefing that will feature the latest developments of the Ambient Assisted Living Programme which finances innovation projects in public-private partnership in the field of Ambient Assisted Living. It will also take a look at the latest call, the new financial period 2014-2020 and further networking and partnership tools.


Creating unity out of diversity: sustaining lessons learnt in Active Ageing

The Interreg IVC projects INNOVAge and CASA will present their results at this dedicated conference. Both projects look at the complex issues that arise from demographic ageing and the many challenges that the future poses on European senior care. The projects aim at finding sustainable, innovative and practical solutions that enable longer independent living, an economically feasible care for seniors and totally new ways of thinking about the structuring of senior care by using innovative methodologies.


Smart treatment predictions for brain trauma

Most people who suffer a severe brain injury take years to recover – if they recover at all. But the right treatment in the crucial hours following an accident can make all the difference. Now an EU project is building sophisticated new computer models potentially able to improve diagnosis and predict the outcome of treatments.


Public Entities reducing lock-in: the way forward

This workshop will focus on reducing the dependency of public entities to a specific vendor of ICT products or services (lock-in). Those involved in ICT procurement are invited to participate.


International Digital Health and Care Congress

This annual three-day event in London attracts more than 500 researchers, policy makers, practitioners and innovators from all over the world. They come to hear about new technologies for health and social care, share experiences, showcase new ideas, research and innovations in digital health, mobile health, telehealth and telecare.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

TeleMediCare 2014

Tele-Medicine & Tele-Care: International Conference and Exposition and Convegno Nazionale (Italian National Workshop). Call for papers, deadline: July 15, 2014.