Thursday, March 5, 2015

Meet the Pioneers at the Ageing Summit: “Intelligent Carpet” for long-term wide-area monitoring of activity and gait

A ‘magic carpet’ which can detect when someone has fallen and can help predict mobility problems has been developed by Researchers of the University of Manchester (UK) and members of the Fall Prevention Action Group of the Innovation Partnership for Active and Healthy Ageing.


Toolkit for National and Local Coalitions

Want to set up a national or local coalition to boost digital skills and jobs in your country? Check out this toolkit!


Mapping of the Animation Industry in Europe - European Audiovisual Observatory to carry out a major study on European animation for the European Commission

The European Audiovisual Observatory will undertake a major study that will result in two unique publications on animation industry in Europe this year. This research will be carried out for the European Commission, the initiator of this project, to map out the landscape of the animation industry in Europe.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

eHealth Innovation bootcamps in Luxemburg and Riga for SMEs and startups

The GET project is organizing two bootcamps on eHealth Innovation and business models during Med-e-Tel in Luxebourg and eHealthWeek in Riga.


Looking for ideas to develop an eHealth project?

Unmet needs are areas of opportunity where there are not good enough solutions in the market, but there is a latent demand from end users. These challenges can be transformed into business opportunities by eHealth entrepreneurs and companies. They are encouraged to look for these business opportunities.


Digital Agenda for Europe – Engagement for Growth and Jobs, SMART 2012/0106 Lot 5 – ICT and Jobs and Skills

The Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs is a multi-stakeholder partnership launched in 2013 that endeavours to facilitate collaboration among business and education providers, public and private actors to take action attracting young people into ICT education, and to retrain unemployed people. This report provides an analysis of the potential contributions of the Grand Coalition's Pledges to solve the mismatch between demand and supply of digital skills in Europe, their challenges and problems encountered so far, and their key success factors.


eEnviPer project software on the market

The eEnviPer project has released a software that guarantees compliance with EU environmental law through a web platform and cloud technologies. The product is now ready for the market and Greece is going to adopt it.


Meet the Pioneers at the Ageing Summit: HOST Communication/IDOLink

Host was a project under the AAL Joint Programme. It aimed to provide easy to use technologies and services in social housing flats to allow a better quality of communication and a better access to package services for the elders. The main goals of the project were to bring more comfort of living to the elders, to reinforce social inclusion (with friends, family, social operators, etc.) and to allow a longer stay in their house. Host project ended in June 2014.


Monday, March 2, 2015

ECIM’s first pilot in Barcelona will be tested at the Mobile World Congress

What do international conferences and global cities have in common? They are both truly rich in experiences and activities but also daunting with busy roads and agendas. That is why the European Cloud Marketplace for Intelligent Mobility (ECIM) project created an application that will allow you to move through Barcelona and the Mobile World Congress venue at the touch of a button.