Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Enabling digital data exchange across borders and sectors: The European Commission signed an agreement with OpenPEPPOL

The European Commission and OpenPEPPOL are joining forces to support the uptake of secure electronic data exchange across borders. Both signed an agreement, where the Commission will host a central service of the eDelivery network, while OpenPEPPOL will continue to manage the business-related governance of the network in the e-procurement domain.


MEDIA record! 25 EU-supported films at the Cannes Film Festival

Europe's film and creative sector is in the spotlight at the Cannes Film Festival (13-24 May). This year, a record 25 films supported by EU's Creative Europe MEDIA sub-programme have been selected for the festival, with almost half of them competing for the prestigious Palme d'Or.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Data for policy - challenges, opportunities and good examples. Call for comments

The state-of-the-art report on 'Big data and other innovative data technologies for evidence-informed policy-making' by Technopolis, OII and CEPS is now open to an online peer-review. Comments on the analysis, but also proposals for new examples of innovative use of data in government are welcomed until 26th May.


The annual LINQ conference: The need for change in learning - openness as default? #LINQ2015

This year the scope of the International LINQ Conference is the modernization and improvement of learning, education and training through the focus on Learning Innovations and Learning Quality. The EU supported Projects "Tell Us", "Inspiring Science" and "Open Discovery Space" are playing key role in this event.