Thursday, June 11, 2015

BOC: Mimicking the body on a chip for new drug testing

Scientists in an EU-supported project have developed a microfluidic chip that simultaneously analyses the reactions of several human organ tissues when they come into contact with candidates for new drugs. The ground-breaking device could save millions of euros in drug development costs.


Telecoms Council 12th June: Telecoms Single Market, Digital Single Market, Web Accessibility, Cybersecurity on the agenda.

On Friday 12th June, EU digital and telecoms ministers will meet in Luxembourg for key discussion on digital topics including Roaming, open internet, the Digital Single Market, cyber security, web accessibility, digital public service and internet governance.


Monday, June 8, 2015

EU Cybersecurity Strategy - 2nd High Level Conference

This Conference took stock of the progress of the EU Cybersecurity strategy, two years after its adoption. It also provided information on the state of play of the implementation of the five main priorities of the Strategy and showcased highlights of the main actions in the Strategy.