Friday, August 7, 2015

Study on Better Internet for Kids policies in Member States

The study 'Benchmarking of Safer Internet policies in Member States' (SMART 2012/0043/2012) took place in the context of the European strategy for a Better Internet for Children (BIK). The main objective was to provide a comprehensive analysis of how BIK related challenges are addressed in policies and initiatives, and to develop a sustainable benchmarking tool - the "BIK Map" for future policy work on European level.


Study on Personal Data Stores conducted at the Cambridge University Judge Business School

DG Connect commissioned this report to evaluate whether the concept of personal data stores ('personal data spaces', 'personal data clouds', 'personal data vaults') is a viable mechanism to increase consumer trust and engagement in the Digital Single Market and to ensure wider access to good quality personal data. It results from an experimental cooperation between DG Connect and the Cambridge Judge Business School. The report explores the concept of personal data spaces from social, legal, technical, and economic perspectives, recommending ways to guide development of the innovation. The report also explores personal data spaces specifically in the healthcare sector to provide a concrete case study.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Access City Award 2016

EU cities are invited to participate in the sixth edition of the Access City Award - the European Prize for making cities more accessible to people with disabilities and older people. Submission Deadline is 10th September 2015.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Open innovation in Smart Cities, design for successful innovation ecosystems - SMART 2015/0064

Smart city projects are often triggered by the need to upgrade 1 or more of the core infrastructures of a city/urban community: energy, water, transport, housing, etc. and a decision is made to enhance or replace an existing infrastructure with a smart infrastructure to improve the capacity of the city to efficiently plan and manage resources (in particular energy), enhance mobility and improve environmental conditions.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Two new pledges to the Grand Coalition

Two new organisations, Ubiqum Code Academy and, are joining the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs making concrete commitments for action.