Friday, September 11, 2015

Save the date: European Cyber Security Month kick-off event

October is the European Cyber Security Month. Citizens can participate in the various awareness events in many European countries. The kick-off event will take place in Brussels on 29 September.


Take Action & Shape the Future of Urban Platforms for EU Cities

Many cities are grappling with the challenge of understanding how best to connect the rapidly growing volumes of data from their existing service operations, new sensors (IoT), social interactions and the like in order to deliver better outcomes for their citizens and their local economy.


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Keynote at the Public Broadcasters International Conference

Public sector broadcasters (PSBs) play a fundamental and unique social and economic role. In Europe, they are a vehicle to affirming our values, preserving our economy and strengthening our cultural diversity.


Capture-Reconstruct-Play: an innovative mixed pipeline for videogames development

Have you ever wondered how much time game developers spend on creating buildings, cathedrals, statues, and other real-life elements to populate their games? And what makes the difference between good quality graphics and photo-realistic assets? CR-PLAY project developed the technology that will help developers reduce both time and expenses involved in game creation.


Audiences in motion - European Film Forum Event at the San Sebastian film Festival

The European Film Forum travels to San Sebastian this year to discuss how new audiences can be developed in the profoundly modified environment of the audio-visual sector. Success stories and innovative formulas in which the audience takes an active relation with the content and its creators will be showcased during the half day event "Audiences in Motion". This year will be the 63rd edition of the San Sebastian Film festival which has established itself as one of the most important cinema festivals in the world.


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Human rights and technology in third countries

Vice President Frans Timmermans speech at the European Parliament on 7 September 2015.


GET project publishes practical guide for eHealth SMEs

Are you a digital health startup looking for follow up funding? The European GET project has put together a comprehensive guide including the latest trends, investors and funded startup interviews, criteria and lessons learned from investors in the GET Funded pool.


Digital technology: How it can help towards healthy living

"Europe can make more and better use of information technology so that people of every age can improve how they manage their health and quality of life", writes Commissioner Andrus Ansip (Digital Single Market) in his blog post. "In Estonia, for example, the healthcare system has been transformed by technology."


Implementation of epSOS cross-border health services: What do physicians and pharmacists think?

According to a study published in 'Oxford Journals', health professionals who have experience with the EU-funded epSOS (European Patient Smart Open Services) system think that it is an interesting, intuitive and easy system to operate. The greatest impact was in terms of positive impact on communication, clinical safety and patient management.


Smart mirror monitors your face for telltale signs of disease

'New Scientist' has published an article about the EU-funded Semeoticons project: "Mirror mirror on the wall, am I at risk of heart disease? One day soon your mirror might actually be able to give you the answer."


Monday, September 7, 2015

OpenMedicine project: How to get the correct medication abroad?

The newly funded OpenMedicine project wants to make sure you are able to get safe and correct medication when you are abroad.