Thursday, February 4, 2016

World Cancer Day - How technology can help

Today is World Cancer Day. Digital solutions can improve cancer treatment for example by helping doctors to plan surgery better, predict its outcomes and by integrating available knowledge.


i~HD - inaugural conference of the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data

The conference will showcase emerging best practice in the re-use of health data for research, the promotion of standards to support semantic interoperability, and the perspective of patients on the ways in which their health data should be better used. The event's target audience are healthcare providers from across Europe, representatives of the pharma industry, patient associations, health professional associations, the health ICT industry and standards bodies.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Navigation Support for Older Travellers with Memory Decline (NavMem)

Persons who start experiencing disorientation episodes risk becoming afraid of venturing out alone and consequently sometimes participate less and less in social life. Within the NavMem-project partners joined forces to develop a prototype of a mobile companion that provides orientation and navigation support to remove the fear of getting lost, without keeping the person in leading strings.


Digital Health & Wellness @ Mobile World Congress 2016

In a series of workshops and keynote addresses, global leaders will examine issues such as the regulatory environment around mobile apps in the health and wellness environment, personalised medicine and genomics, the Internet of Things, the design of digital health solutions and the management of behaviours change. In addition, the latest developments in mobile health technologies will also be displayed at the congress.


Register your project with the European Investment Project Portal (EIPP)

The EIPP aims to become the central portal for investment projects across Europe. Registration on the EIPP will boost the visibility of your project.The publication of your project will offer access to a large network of investors, consultants and advisory services that can help you to structure it and finance it. The EIPP is in its pre-launch phase. If you would like to submit your project, please fill out and email the EIPP project form.


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Content contribution to Europeana well above Commission Recommendation targets

The total number of items in Europeana now stands at 48,838,150, of which 44,187,278 come from data providers in the EU Members States. This figure significantly exceeds the overall target of 30 million items by the end of 2015 set in the Commission Recommendation.


Monday, February 1, 2016

Recording of Webinar on open call - IoT-01-2016 : Smart living environments for ageing well

The European Commission (DG CONNECT) held a webinar on Friday, 29 January on the call topic "Internet of Things: IoT-01-2016: Large Scale Pilots Pilot 1: Smart living environments for ageing well". The webinar gave an overview of the topic and provided answers to the participants' questions. The recording together with the slides are available.