Thursday, September 8, 2016

eHealth Forum 2016 - eHealth: Catalyst for reform – Enabler for growth

This event aims to become the meeting point for eHealth stakeholders from Southeast Europe, the Balkans and the Mediterranean region promoting innovation and business collaboration. In parallel, the eHealth Forum Festival showcases how innovation helps us to manage our health and wellbeing.


Doremi project final conference

Researchers of the EU-funded Doremi project have been studying early warning signs of malnutrition as well as physical and cognitive deterioration and are looking at possible solutions to improve older people’s quality of life across Europe. Their final event will present the outcome of the two-year research project and its synergies with other relevant EU projects.


Big Data can now more easily be used by researchers for societal challenges

The European project 'Big Data Europe' has created tools to make big data technologies also accessible to non-IT experts such as healthcare professionals and researchers.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Brochure on "ICT-enabled public sector innovation" in H2020 Societal Challenge 6

ICT-enabled public sector modernisation is one of the key priorities of Societal Challenge 6, part of the H2020 research programme. Public administrations should move towards an open government paradigm, composed of 3 axes: «Open data», «Open services» and «Open process». This brochure presents these themes and the projects focusing their activities in "Europe in a changing world - inclusive, innovative and reflective societes".


Active and Healthy Ageing workshops at European Week of Regions and Cities

The 14th European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC) focuses on the challenges Europe's regions and cities are currently facing. Two of the workshops will discuss innovation for active and healthy ageing, smart homes and the Silver Economy.


New interactive app encourages users to adopt healthier lifestyles

The EU-funded PRECIOUS project is harnessing the power of smartphones to help users better track their fitness and encourage healthier lifestyle options.


Telemedicine holds out hope for better disease management

Experts of the EU-funded CHROMED project have been researching telemedicine care models for chronic diseases, offering the benefits of early diagnosis and treatment alongside a reduction of the socio-economic burden.


Innovative computer models of Parkinson's disease help match medication to disease stages

The EU-funded NOTREMOR project is getting close to building combined brain and neuromuscular computer models to predict the progression of Parkinson’s and ensure the prescription of the correct medication.


EU study and toolbox to prevent infectious diseases spreading on public transport

EU researchers are helping national and regional transportation hubs to better mitigate the risks of the spread of transmissible pathogens.


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Consultation on Cloud Computing Research Innovation Challenges for WP 2018-2020

The European Commission (DG CONNECT, Unit "Cloud and Software") is consulting all interested stakeholders on the future research and innovation challenges in the area of Cloud Computing to be addressed in the forthcoming H2020 LEIT ICT Work Programme 2018-2020.


Monday, September 5, 2016

How to make every week Code week - a debate on skills and engagement

Come and meet the Ambassadors of Code Week on 27 September in Brussels! This amazing network of volunteers has been active since 2013 in engaging hundreds of thousands of kids and adults in coding activities across Europe and beyond. We are planning a very interactive discussion on how to work together for promoting digital skills and competencies for the 21st century work and life. This debate is hosted by Claire Bury, Deputy Director General of DG CONNECT.